Esinamutu Widows – Goats from Amesbury Interact Club

A widow receives a goat

The Interact Club of Amesbury High School has actively supported the Esinamutu Widows Group in Esabalu, Kenya.  The widows have lost their husbands due to various causes including accidents and HIV/AIDS virus.  They meet twice a month to support each other.  In addition to emotional support and assistance for new widows, the group takes up a small collection at each meeting and gives the collection to each member in rotation. This is called the “merry-go-round”.  The group also receives training from Amesbury for Africa to help them with income generation. In 2011, they were trained in the raising of dairy goats.

The Interact Club of Amesbury High School was the donor of the animals.  In 2011, the Interactors had a bake sale and candy sale.  They  raised $360 which was enough money to buy 5 female dairy goats and one graded buck.  The goats were purchased locally by Shery Otwoma and given to 5 of the Esinamutu widows just before Christmas 2011. The goats all had kids in the spring – 3 males and 2 females.  Their milk provides nutrition for the families of the 5 widows. The sale of surplus milk and the male offspring provides the family income.

After weaning, the 2 female goats will be given to other Esinamutu group members. Also, the Interact Club is hoping to buy two more goats this year. Eventually there will be enough goats for all the widows.