About Esabalu

Esabalu is a village of the Luhyia tribe in Western Kenya. There are approximately 8500 villagers who earn their living by farming or by working in nearby towns.  Kisumu is 30 Km away on the shore of Lake Victoria and is Kenya’s third largest city. The Equator runs through the village but the temperature is moderate – no hotter than 85 degrees – because Esabalu is at 5400 feet above sea level.

The rainy seasons are March through June and October through December. The area is verdant and lush due to 40 inches of rainfall per year. Crops are maize, beans, mangos, papayas, and many vegetables. Chicken and fish complete the diet.  Family income is less than $400 yearly. The major problems are lack of drinking water, food security and fuel for cooking.

Esabalu has over 1000 people per square kilometer and is one of the most densely populated rural areas in the world.  The people are friendly and speak Kiluhyia, Swahili and English. Home-stays in the village are a highlight for visitors to Kenya from the U.S.A. But be prepared – there are no flush toilets and no electricity. And the stars at night are spectacular.